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Candidates experience: high to Europe to study IELTS points do not have the skills

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Candidates experience: high to Europe to study IELTS points do not have the skills Summary:

                     name if you are the finest students want to read the prestigious Global 100 in gold to enhance study, skillful choices to make successful applicants increases the probability of elite schools. Which,


name if you are the finest students want to read the prestigious Global 100 in gold to enhance study, skillful choices to make successful applicants increases the probability of elite schools. Which, to avoid the competitive U.S. elite is one of the methods.

teaching resources, quality is also a strong European elite is also a good choice. Tao is the technique of choice examples of successful application elite schools.

IELTS 7.0, not too low, but difficult to read the results of the U.S. elite, determined to apply Tao ranked 59th in the world, Sweden Wu Pusa Pull the University, and received the school offer. He told reporters: "The United States top 50 universities for IELTS are higher, especially in hot business school, law school class of graduate students and the media, at least Daya Si 7.5 In addition to the United States, there are many prestigious global , tricky to choose will make up the deficiency on the results. "

German research both

the United States, Germany, Japan and the quality of education of the worlds top three countries, nearly 400 universities in the vast majority of public universities. German universities by the state financial support, rich in resources, university infrastructure out in the world.

in teaching style, Germany to strict, professional strength, balance, one known research. University of Freiburg, Heidelberg University, Humboldt University of Berlin are well-known universities, ranked ranked in the forefront. Their long history, the humanities in the world cutting-edge, all as a model of HYUNDAI University.

In addition, Germany also in the global science and engineering prestigious RWTH Aachen University and the Technical University of Munich. Among them, the RWTH Aachen has been hailed as the European MIT. Subjects set covering almost all established universities can provide the professional, and constantly open up new areas of technical subjects, there is only a mechanical engineering degree after 15 specializing in elementary subjects to choose from.

2009 conducted jointly by the German media university ranking survey, RWTH Aachen in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, economic engineering, natural sciences and computer science 5 professional in the first place.

260 research institutes, demonstrating the strength of RWTHs research. A lot of research on behalf of todays cutting-edge research projects to attract Mercedes-Benz, BMW and many other companies to provide funding. In addition, the European Mechatronics Research Center, Ericsson headquarters in Germany, Ford of Europe headquarters, Microsoft Research Institute located in the German town of Aachen. These are for students to learn professional knowledge, work experience provides a good opportunity.

the next few years, RWTH Aachen will build Europes largest science and technology parks, schools and industry to create a number of joint research and development center.

to meet the international needs, RWTH Aachen Dah Sing taught in English to open a number of international courses, including the most popular electronic communication engineering, mechanical engineering automation, software engineering, six international Master.

USUS regular full-time graduate, can apply directly to Master, 2 years. October each year, opening in April.

Dutch multi-form teaching

another study in the Netherlands, ranked No. 78 Xiao Li said students at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, countries with high prevalence of English, on the US study students, the language barrier a minimum. And, the Netherlands, Utrecht University, Leiden University has a few hundred years of history, are listed within the global top 100 universities, training a large number of public ECS. Emphasis on practical teaching of the Dutch elite, will definitely give students a worthwhile trip.

Utrecht University are public university, located in the culturally rich city of Utrecht, the prestigious school in Europe, where there is to students from around the world. Currently, a total of 12 large black colleges. In addition to the University in the Netherlands set up by the specialist technical and engineering aspects of the agricultural courses, Wu opened a large can of course almost all fields of knowledge, is the most comprehensive curriculum of the Dutch universities, while the hospital also carried out extensive research work.

in all college courses in veterinary science, geology, meteorology and physical oceanography, science policy, general social science and general linguistics, Portuguese , Celtic, HYUNDAI Turkish and Arabic curriculum is offered exclusively black great.

black big emphasis on practical teaching, a course will use lecture, workshop, do the project, submission of a report, an outside company who do a variety of speech way to deepen students understanding.

went to Utrecht University to pursue a masters degree programs Xiao Yin said that although the Dutch business is very developed, but the learning is very quiet in here, compared to United States less the temptation can be more practical to concentrate on their studies.

big black IELTS requirement of 6.0 (degree project) above, each school in September.

latest news

● frequent changes in the British student visa

Recently, the British government once again announced, will apply a scoring system for the fourth level (general) class to learn the following undergraduate courses compulsory for adult students English language testing system security. This new requirement has come into effect on 12 August. The application requirements will affect most of the undergraduate matriculation and Pre-Masters students.

● another Nordic university fees

Sweden, September 2011 full tuition fees for international students, with Finland, Norway, two countries currently still free tuition, but Finland has been submitted to the education sector Act, intends to international students tuition fees.

communication space

● study interview techniques

one, self-confidence. Attitude and voice communication, display themselves.

two, in good faith. To express their feelings as much as possible.

III initiative. Knows how to interview interview question to lead their own good direction.

four simple. Answer the questions must be direct and concise.                 

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