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  • [Car shopping guide] 2011 MINI are contented and diverse demand completely guide buy

    [introductive] the development that passed 50 years, MINI already by at the outset the tool that tool of ride instead of walk of a the whole people turned into to reveal personality nowadays. No matter be vogue beautiful beautiful the exteri...

  • [Car shopping guide] Business affairs family expenses all but medium-sized car recommends 4 mainstreams large space

    B class car is a of domestic car sales volume popular interval, business affairs of the person that take on because of it and family expenses two utility, because this is in,the requirement of motivation, comfortable sex, configuration and d...

  • [Car shopping guide] Athletic mainstream suits a youth 4 times compact model the car is recommended

    As now the development of automobile industry, more and more manufacturer were blended in when designing a car more vogue and use feeling element. Truckload design of fluenter and fluenter automobile body curve, more and more appearance desi...

  • [Car shopping guide] 4 300 thousand 7 SUV models recommend low price big use

    SUV annex of the car drive feeling and intimacy, promoted road to pass a gender further at the same time, its oil bad news also matchs with the older car that discharge an amount, at present so SUV market got of broad consumer approbate. Rea...

  • [Car shopping guide] 100 kilometers take 8 seconds quickly 300 thousand yuan inside general / masses PK

    Speed all the time since one of old wishes that are people pursuit. Play of although we are very difficult in using a car at ordinary times organic meeting is swift and violent the advantage that quicken, but overtake or freeway travel or me...

  • [Car shopping guide] Huo Jiang 2013 Nian Ru Hua Ao Di A San Xiang Ban Che Xing Pu Guang

    Regard Ao Di's pillar as one of models, since Ao Di A3 is born oneself, the deficient of suffer from model, in with run quickly and of BMW ahull is in all the time in competing with scale model. Nevertheless, will be in as series of new gene...

  • [Car shopping guide] Autumn wind moves 4 times as athletic wind model domestic litter guides buy

    Dry,crisp air of autumn now, car city blows start shipment to use wind, investigate its reason, be the demand be caused by of consumer. Nowadays, 80 hind had become car city to buy main force gradually, buy a group young with each passing da...

  • [Car shopping guide] Creed of vogue of science and technology tries Volt of 2011 Xue Folan to mix move

    Although Xue Folan Volt provided electric machinery and benzine engine, but not be a mixture motor vehicle actually, although introduce batteries drive but also not be an electric car, because it still provided benzine engine. Say exactly, v...

  • [Car shopping guide] Speak of to be worth the 9 heat MPV of attention this year from sales volume

    In home, MPV is the model that gets attention least of all almost, in very long period of time, the MPV of large size is taken place on a par with biscuit, be not considered as on of class, low is low qualitative delegate. It is really in th...

  • [Car shopping guide] Each have an advantage high-quality goods of 4 own brands is compact car PK

    Home is private the enthusiasm that buys a car had upsurged continuously 7, 8 years, elapse as time, consumptive group becomes increasingly mature with reason, go after entrance or joint-stock model blindly no longer. And the development tha...

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