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How to overhaul gear pump

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How to overhaul gear pump Summary:

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Gear pump is the circumgyrate pump of the pressure boost that the working cubage change that forms between support pump crock and gear of clench the teeth and shift will carry a liquid or makes. By two gear, pump housing and around lid composition two close space, when gear is rotational, the bulk of the space of side of gear come away greatens as a child, form vacuum, the liquid inspiratory, the bulk of the space of side of gear clench the teeth from big decrescent, and will go in liquid impact pipeline. The path of contact that relies on two gear will separate inspiratory antrum and eduction antrum. The pressure of the eduction mouth of gear pump depends on completely the size of pump provenance obstruction.

Measure / method

  1. Check pressure limiting valve. In a lube, examine a powerful person next whether fall smoothly below self-prossessed action into aperture of a powerful person inside. If examine not to accord with a standard, should change pressure limiting valve.
  2. Check gear and pump case clearance. With feeler, measure the interval between driven gear and pump housing, standard clearance is 0.03~0.06 millimeter, use limit is 0.2 millimeter, if exceed bid, should change gear or assembly of lubricating oil pump.
  3. Examination tine is unoccupied place. Standard tine is unoccupied place for 0.5~0.6 millimeter, use limit is 0.9 millimeter, if clearance exceeds bid, should change gear.
  4. Examination gear end is unoccupied place. Undertake metrical with feeler and straightedge, standard clearance is 0.03~0.09 millimeter, use limit is 0.15 millimeter.
  5. Check the clearance of gear axis and axial aperture. Of drive shaft and axial aperture cooperate clearance to be 0.03~0.06 millimeter, the biggest do not exceed 0.16 millimeter. When clearance exceeds bid, can use plating chromium or set the rehabilitate that cover a method.
  6. Check pump lid and pump shaft. If pump lid wears away, warp or cave more than 0.05 millimeter, should with car, dig or abrade wait for a method to have repair, curve degree with what dial gauge checks pump shaft, if exceed 0.06 millimeter,pressing with a finger places difference, should undertake corrective.
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