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  • [Thin] The correct type of running straight slender legs ran out of

    in running time, with the front feet first or in the foot while the ground, then, will the front of the tibia leg and knee damage, and will strongly stimulate the calf muscles, resulting in thicker legs; if the position is to try running wi...

  • [Thin] Super effective weight loss diet! You three days lost 5 pounds

    First, eat a variety of foods. Can not eat the same kind of food too much, it is best to eat in one day thirty types of food. These include various side dishes and sauces, so is not a requirement difficult to achieve. This not only allows y...

  • [Thin] Rapid detoxification recipe laxative row of four enterotoxin

    experts recommend a treatment of women with constipation diet, including the following four food: 1. laver sesame rice. 100 grams roasted seaweed cut into filaments, and then 120 g black sesame seeds and 120 grams of white sesame seeds with...

  • [Thin] Friends climb the stairs to lose weight for three months lost 21 pounds storm

    Age: 25 Height: 164cm weight loss results: 21 kg time: 3 months "never imagined that one day they can break through the 60 kg weight, but I really did. "After a few failed to lose weight, try to lose weight around their own - climbing stair...

  • [Thin] Short-term vegetarian diet rapid weight loss six points

    1. eat more fresh vegetables fresh vegetables, bought the home do not eat there, it will slowly lose some vitamins, such as spinach at 20 degrees, for 24 hours while the loss of vitamin C up to 84%. So try to eat more fresh vegetables. 2. S...

  • [Thin] 4 years after the weight-loss plan to lose weight must see reciprocity

    1. follow the example of the more cold the more plum blossom weight loss spirit: to exercise anyway, by consumed by the movement of excess body heat and promote blood circulation, to ensure that your body will be more heat, more packages le...

  • [Thin] 5 ways to grasp the opportunity to lose weight fast you thin

    fact, many ways to lose weight in winter, rather than the usual winter that is difficult to lose weight. 1. My heart to remind, to get rid of excuses winter, easily gain weight before I have to say, I think you also have personal experience...

  • [Thin] 5 kinds of wrong posture to make your legs go fat ugly

    Kicked away : Some people fear the ground or dirt dirty dirty shoes or pants, there will be a habit is kicked away. Kicked away when the body leaning forward, toe walking only kicked the ground, and then the knee on the corner, put up one o...

  • [Thin] Six kinds of stovepipe slender legs to eat out food

    sesame we all know that sesame seeds can provide this kind of food the body needs calcium and other vitamins eb1 substances, especially linen glycerol containing acid this ingredient, it can effectively eliminate the addicted part of the hu...

  • [Thin] Scraping of the grain to help you eat fat-row enterotoxin oil

    rice porridge oat kernel oats are rich in vitamins, to promote digestion and absorption, contains soluble fiber can absorb a lot of cholesterol in the body and excreted, to run intestinal laxative effect. Eating oats can also delay the gast...

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